Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Best of the Chat App

Chatting has been around for a while and as such things go, many different applications have been developed to answer this need and some of them stand out from the rest. Here are two of the best.


Skype is clearly one of the best chat programs ever created. It has a simple and elegant interface and it is very flexible. You can use skype for normal chatting and for making calls. You can make video calls to other skype user using your internet connection and you can make calls to phones all around the world, for a small price.


The newest of smart phones have interfaces that are very easy to use and can make sending and receiving text messages can feel a lot like chatting. When driving, it is much safer to not have to fumble with the phone to send and receive text messages. DriveSafe.ly takes over this task for you, by reading the text messages aloud and sending replies.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Getting the Best Chat App on the Internet

When you need the best chat application there is on the internet, then you want to look into every available option. You also do not want to spend a lot of money on something that is not worth it, or does not work properly. This is where DriveSafe.ly comes into play. They want to make sure that you receive the best quality application that will hear your voice, and accurately code it into text while you drive, so there is no more need to look or touch your phone while driving. What could be better than this application? It is free, and there is no contract needed to be signed, you download and start using it as soon as you would like. Visit them online now to download your free application risk free by going to DriveSafe.ly. They will make sure to take care of you on all of your text application needs for your cell phone.

Monday, February 8, 2010

New application makes messaging and driving easy and safe

Beyond normal text messaging, phones can have the chatting capabilities of connecting to the internet, sending emails, and even receiving instant messages. These differing forms of communication allow people to easily stay in touch easily and chat, no matter where they are. However, using your phone for such forms of written communication can be dangerous while driving, as using phones to type and read can distract drivers and contribute to on the road negligence. A great new application, developed by iSpeech, solves the driving dilemmas caused by using your phone for messaging. This application, called DriveSafe.ly, can read any message you receive, and furthermore, allow you to automatically respond. This hands free app allows the users to stay in touch and continue messaging, reducing the risks caused by phone usage while driving. You can download DriveSafe.ly for your phone and find more information at DriveSafe.ly.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Stop Texting and Pay Attention

It has been said that there is a new law that has been passed on texting and driving. What does this law entail you may be asking. Well, not only are you no longer to talk on a cell phone and drive but also that you are no longer to text and drive. Unreasonable? Maybe you would reconsider if you thought of all of the families who have lost their loved ones in a car accident due to a lack of paying attention. When a person is texting on their cell phone and driving, the person seems to have only the freedom of using one hand on the wheel instead of both. Some people are actually using their knees to steer the car while texting. How can this be safe? Your eyes and hands are both busy paying attention to this cell phone. If you feel that you can safely drive with no hands and no eyes, then more power to you. Visit DriveSafe.ly for more information on a new application.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Keep the Road Safe While Driving

Text while driving is a dangerous and irresponsible thing to be doing. It's something that stops distractive driving. They want to make sure you are safe while driving, and their company strives for the best results with this application. If you are not satisfied, you do not have to use it. But the results are tremendous compared to trying to text while driving. There are no worries about missing a text message, or taking your eyes off the road since your phone will read it to you as soon as it comes through. This could be one of the best applications since technology has advanced, you can try it out for yourself today. It is simply a must have application for your mobile phone. DriveSafe.ly helps you drive connected and safe, visit their website at DriveSafe.ly to find out more information regarding their free application for your phone, and start driving safe.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Top Chat App

Instant messaging chats technology has been around for what seems like a very long time. Over the years the some applications have been developed that stand out from the rest. In no particular rank here are a few of the best.
1. Trillian
It can be rather annoying to have to run several programs, have several buddy lists and have to be switching between them all the time just to talk to a few friends.A very nice alternative to forcing all your friends to use on chat program is Trillian. This program, which comes in a free version and a Pro version, features a slick interface and support for all the major chat programs, meaning that you can load all your lists in one screen.
2. Skype
Skype has to be one of the best chat apps that have been created in all times. It has a simple but still elegant interface, it is free and you can make calls all around the world for low prices. Computer to computer voice and video calls are completely free. In addition to its phone call services it can function as a normal instant messaging service with buddy lists and emoticons.
3. DriveSafe.ly
With smart phone interfaces becoming more user friendly and sleeker, sending and receiving text messages can seem like chatting. The next application is a standout in that field. DriveSafe.ly is an application that runs on your mobile phone and unlike the others, it is not for chatting. If you are driver and you get a text message, with DriveSafe,ly you do not have to fumble for your phone and thumb out a text message while trying not to have an accident. DriveSafe.ly reads your messages aloud and can be configured to auto respond, making your drive safer and possibly saving lives. For that it deserves a spot on the list of best chat apps.